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  • Health Council and Hoxworth Blood Center Partner to Recognize Outstanding Hospital Blood Donation Performance

    October 14, 2011

    In an effort to increase the amount of blood donated locally to serve patients in Greater Cincinnati, the Greater Cincinnati Health Council and Hoxworth Blood Center have collaborated to increase blood donations at hospital blood drives. Area hospital blood drives produced a combined 7,283 red blood cell donations for the community in fiscal year 2011. This past week five hospitals were recognized for their outstanding results.

    Winners were announced at the Council’s recent Solutions in Leadership event, and Health Council president Colleen O’Toole, PhD, joined Gregg Boothe, interim associate director of Hoxworth, to present the awards:

    • The Most Improved Award (given to the hospital that increased its overall donation rate by the most substantial amount over the previous fiscal year) was presented to Mercy Hospital Fairfield for the 68 percent increase in its blood donations. Honorable mentions were given to St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas and Dearborn County Hospital for commendable increases.
    • The Award of Distinction (based on a variety of factors including overall donation rate and meeting/exceeding individual goal) was presented to Dearborn County Hospital. Margaret Mary Community Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Center received Honorable Mention awards.

    “We are proud of the hospitals that were specifically recognized through the Blood Donation Awards as well as the other hospitals that have taken steps to increase donations and for their outstanding commitment to assuring a stable and adequate blood supply for the community,” said Boothe.

    The Health Council and Hoxworth provided support to hospital blood drive coordinators in various ways to positively influence the number of units donated locally both at hospital blood drives and at neighborhood donor centers on behalf of hospitals. Together they shared best practices for successful drives and strategies to increase donations, and regularly reviewed blood drive donation data.

    “By working together, we’re able to not only improve the quality of care for patients in our community, we’re able to save lives,” said O’Toole. “We hope these awards highlight the great work of our hospitals to increase the blood supply in our region by engaging both their employees and their communities in the effort. Hospital blood drive teams worked very hard to meet and exceed their individual hospitals’ goals, as well as to contribute to the overall community goal.”

    The Hoxworth/Health Council Blood Donation Awards program continues into 2012, and hospitals have already begun to host and schedule blood drives. Individual donations may also be made on behalf of any hospital at Hoxworth neighborhood donor centers. Visit http://www.hoxworth.org for a complete schedule of on-site hospital blood drives or to find a neighborhood donor center and schedule an appointment to donate.

    The Greater Cincinnati Health Council is a widely recognized association that provides a unique forum where hospital and health care leaders connect to create a stronger health care community. For more than 50 years, the Council has served as a trusted voice on hospital and health care issues for the Tristate region.

    Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati, founded in 1938, serves 31 hospitals in 17 counties in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. Annually, Hoxworth collects more than 90,000 units of blood from local donors to help save the lives of patients in area hospitals.

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